January 31, 2013

25th Birthday

Twenty-five??? How am I a quarter of a century already? Time sure has flown by and it's not looking to slow down anytime soon. I spent my 25th birthday visiting in Texas. Strange to say "visiting" but that's what I was doing. I went down for a week, haven't been there since beginning of November! I've been in Ohio visiting and trying to get my diabetes under control before I can make any other decisions of where I'm going to be. Kind of in limbo right now, but that's life. Always has to through something at ya! But, here is my outfit that I wore to dinner on my birthday! We ate at the same restaurant for my birthday last year. I loved it and wanted to go back! It's called Chama Ga├║cha Brazilian Steakhouse. I have been waiting to wear this skirt and had just got this top and thought they would look pretty cute together and I was right! I love when an outfit I put together in my head actually turns out cute when I really put it on.

Close-up, you can see the peplum detail better!

Trying to show the back lace detail! Love!

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I couldn't resist this free birthday dessert. So pretty & delicious! I just had to adjust my insulin accordingly!

Mark & I with my oh so cute dessert!

After dinner, we asked the hostess to take a picture!

3/4 Peplum Top with Belt: Walmart: $9.88
Skirt: Wet Seal, clearance, $4
Shoes: Target, old $19.99
Jacket: A'Gaci, $18.99
Necklace: gift
Earrings, large studs: Walmart, $2.88
Bracelet: Kohl's, came with watch (not pictured), $15.99
Rings: Kohl's $10, $12
Nail color: "Siren" by Pure Ice: Walmart, $1.97

January 30, 2013

Floral, Ruffles, Boots... In January?

Why yes!!! When it's almost 80 degrees in Texas, anything goes! It was so nice during my visit to Texas and since it's been so cold in Ohio I just had to wear a pretty dress with some boots! I have worn this dress several times, but I change it up every time to make it feel new. This outfit was the last time I will be wearing these boots, which makes me very sad. :( The material started peeling and after this time, I just couldn't get myself to wear them again so I got rid of them. Boo! I had them for about 5 years though so they've been through a lot. I got them on sale at Wet Seal so I definitely got my moneys worth! Anyways, I wore this outfit out birthday shopping and to dinner: ULTA & Olive Garden, perfect<3

Photo via Instagram: Follow me at corkyree

Dress: Walmart, $9.88
Cardigan: Target, sale $11.88
Belt: Body Central, $6.90

Boots: Wet Seal, about $30, old- so I don't remember exact cost
Boo for them starting to fall apart :(

I have been wanting this pallet for forever! So happy to finally get it. This was a birthday present from Mark! I absolutely fell in love with this eye shadow the first time I used it. I couldn't believe how pigmented they all were! I very highly recommend the NAKED pallet. You won't be disappointed, totally worth the money!

January 29, 2013

Green Denim, Stripes & Leopard Print

On Saturday, I went out to eat with my parents, grandparents and one of my aunts to celebrate my 25th birthday with them! We ate at Chili's... I normally love that place but this time was not such a good experience. I mean it happens, I've worked in food so I know sometimes they have an off night but it was nice just being with my family anyways. I snapped a couple quick photos in the car on our way there from my phone. I loved my outfit and just wanted to share!

Thought this was such a fun photo! I have an obsession with the sun and sky!

Green Jeans: Kohl's, sale $9.99
Striped Tee (long sleeved): ROSS, $6.99
Leopard Scarf: Hobby Lobby, used 40% coupon, $4
Leather Jacket: A'Gaci, $18.99

I wore my new tan boots but didn't get a full body shot.. I wish I had more pictures. I didn't even get any pictures with my family... What is wrong with me? Ah! :\ Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and an awesome week! I still have outfits to post from my trip. They are coming, I promise! :)

January 25, 2013

Black, Iridescent Sequins, & Turquoise

Hello all! I'm back in Ohio after being in Texas a week. Had gorgeous 70 degree weather while I was there and then I come back to freezing, snowy weather. To be honest it really bummed me out! However I wore some brightly colored things while I was down there that helped get me out of my winter blues! Here's one that I wore when we were out and about. Went to a few stores and to dinner! I had just gotten this sparkly tank an had no idea it would really bring out the blues when I wore it with my turquoise jeans! I can't wait to pair this tank with other items too, and the best part is, I got it for a steal!

Cardigan: Target, $17.99
Sequined Tank: Charlotte Russe, sale $5
Turquoise Jeans: ROSS, $15.99
Herringbone Ruffled Shoes: Target, $12.99

I have a few more outfits that I will post in the next few days. All these were taken on my phone because of course I forgot my camera, humph! So I apologize for the not so great quality. But stay tuned for more outfits from my trip to Texas! :)

January 17, 2013

Mini Vacay...

So I'm making a last minute trip to Texas for a week. So I won't be posting anything until I get back. I'm very excited to get to see my friends that I considered my Texas family! Looking forward to a break and some warmer weather! Also looking forward to the sunsets... let me tell you, the Texas sky is by far the prettiest sky I've ever seen. Like jaw-dropping gorgeous! I probably took a picture everyday of the sky at some point during the day! I'm hoping to get a few outfit shots while I'm gone so I can blog when I get home. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

These were all taken on my phone and look how amazing the sky is!!! These don't even do justice to actually seeing it in person! Okay enough about God's ever changing masterpiece!

January 15, 2013

Fun Nails= Better Mood

I love to have my nails painted! Whether if I do it or have a salon do it! It's one of those small things that just makes me happy! During the winter when it's pretty gloomy it's nice to have something bright and fun to look at. I've said this before and I'll say it again: Nails are one of the biggest accessories right now! They truly are. It's something small enough but can really make a statement without over doing it. There's all kinds of trends that you might be afraid to try so start small and do a funky manicure. It's bold and fun to try! I saw a lot of my friends posting a cute little picture on Pinterest and it made me come up with a design of my own! Here's what I came up with and I absolutely love it!

First Picture: My inspiration, Pink+Chevron+Glitter

Here's my interpretation:

What I used: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hardener for base coat, Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Prep's Cool, Wet n Wild in I need a Refresh-mint, Pure Ice in Beeware. For top coat I used Nail-Aid 3 minute Artificials

January 14, 2013

Red, White & Blue!

I was feeling a little patriotic today in my red, white & blue outfit. I love that these colors are a classic and can be worn any time of the year! Just ran some errands with my mamma today, so I wanted to be pretty casual but warm and of course have a cute outfit!

Striped Long-sleeved Tee: Old Navy, on sale $8
Red Cardigan: Target, on sale $15
Jeans: ROSS, $13.99
Red Flats: Target, $12.99

Leopard Print & New Boots

On Friday night I had dinner with an old friend. We always stay in touch through Facebook but finally got to hang out! We ate dinner at our favorite place, Sake! It's a hibachi grill that is seriously amazing! I could eat it just about everyday I think. After dinner we came back to my house and talked and caught up, then one of our other friends came and picked us up and we went to our local bar to watch karaoke! None of us sing but it's always fun to watch.

Leopard print top: Kmart, sale $15.99
Jeans: Body Central, sale $14.99
Boots: Target, $29.99
Gold link necklace: Forever 21, $6.80
Bracelets, Forever 21, set of 12, only wearing 3, $5.80
Ring, Forever 21, set of 8, wearing 1, $4.80
Scarf: Walmart, $5
Black Jacket: A'gaci, $18.99

January 09, 2013

Last Weekend of 2012!!!!

I haven't been a very good blogger lately! Eeek! I have been so busy with appointments, the holidays and back and forth between Ohio and Tennessee! I told myself I'm going to be better at this is 2013! I'm going to post quite a few pictures in this post to get them on here. I wore the same scarf and jacket every night pretty much so I'm bummed I don't have just my actual outfits in some of these, but oh well! After Christmas I went back to Nashville to spend New Years Eve there with my sister! That weekend was so much fun! We were out way too late every night but had a blast so I wouldn't trade it for anything! Friday night, we went over to our Dad's house for pizza and a Dexter marathon! He had all the episodes recorded so we could catch up! We stayed up until 2:30 am watching them!! Then Saturday, our aunt made us a yummy breakfast, helped my sister clean a bit and then that night we went shopping, ate dinner at the Opryland Hotel's Old Hickory Steakhouse and walked around to see all the lights. After we left there, my sister and I headed downtown and went to The Big Bang, piano bar. It was so cool! I loved it! Sunday was a day for sleeping in, brunch at Cracker Barrel with our Aunt Christie, and then that night I met up with one of my girlfriends from high school that now lives in Nashville. We went bar hopping and had a blast! Monday was NYE! We actually went downtown to the Hard Rock (had to pay to go there because of the awesome location) to watch the concerts and watch the music note drop! It was freezing and it poured down rain but was still totally worth it to be down there! Afterwards we bar hopped to a few places before heading home! I came back up to Ohio on New Years Day, and had a sleep over at my best friends that night so we could catch up on each others weekends! Hope everyone had a fabulous time and hope 2013 brings you all happiness and good things!

Mirror pic while shopping! Silly I know! But don't you just love my sparkly phone case? It was a gift for Christmas but from Kohl's. My awesome red purse is also a gift from Kohl's. Leather jacket is LC Lauren Conrad from Kohl's. Can you tell I really love that place!?

New scarf from Target, gift for Christmas!
Striped tank: Forever 21
Cardigan: Target

Loved all the pretty lights at Opryland Hotel
Jeans: American Eagle
Flats: Target
Watch: Walmart

My sister & I in front of the poinsettia tree 

After we left The Big Bang! We were having our own photo shoot in the parking garage!

My friend Jackie & I out downtown!

All done getting ready, about to head out for NYE. Sparkly top: Jennifer Lopez, Kohl's

Waiting in line to get into Hard Rock!

Getting rained on, watching the Fray!

Thanks to my Daddy for taking us downtown!

Daddy with his girls!

Jackie came out again with us!

Best weekend ever!!! Made so many awesome memories and I truly love that city. I was born there and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I'm happy to call it my second home! God Bless y'all! :)