January 14, 2013

Leopard Print & New Boots

On Friday night I had dinner with an old friend. We always stay in touch through Facebook but finally got to hang out! We ate dinner at our favorite place, Sake! It's a hibachi grill that is seriously amazing! I could eat it just about everyday I think. After dinner we came back to my house and talked and caught up, then one of our other friends came and picked us up and we went to our local bar to watch karaoke! None of us sing but it's always fun to watch.

Leopard print top: Kmart, sale $15.99
Jeans: Body Central, sale $14.99
Boots: Target, $29.99
Gold link necklace: Forever 21, $6.80
Bracelets, Forever 21, set of 12, only wearing 3, $5.80
Ring, Forever 21, set of 8, wearing 1, $4.80
Scarf: Walmart, $5
Black Jacket: A'gaci, $18.99

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