September 17, 2013

Camo Jacket Gets Dressed Up

I have had this camo jacket for awhile now, but I still love it! It's light enough to transition into fall but still sturdy/thick enough that it keeps the wind out. Military trend has been all the buzz and I love dressing it up. Mixing patterns and textures, throwing on some neutral accessories and you can look put together but like you didn't try that hard. That's always a win-win for me! This dress is a super comfortable cotton dress that I've styled on here before with a denim blazer and leopard heels (seen here). If you want to see the other way I wore this jacket, take a look at this post here. Wore this to work today, which ended up being at Panera Bread! Our internet didn't want to work today so we needed somewhere with free wi-fi.

Camo Jacket: Old Navy
Yellow-Striped Dress: Marshall's
Gold Wedge Sandals: Target
Necklace: Forever 21
Watch: Walmart
Purse: Love Culture

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

September 16, 2013

Mint Polka Dots, Lace Trimmed Denim & Gold Sparkles

Hey Y'all! I have been so busy the last few weeks I keep forgetting to take outfit pictures! Today I snapped a couple on my phone because I am obsessed with each of these individually, so of course I love them when they are all together! I wore this to work today. I'm lucky I have a job where I can wear pretty much whatever I want! :) Today was an odd day so I took a bubble bath, had some sweet red wine to relax and now I'm laying in bed while I'm posting this. I'm going to be calling it early tonight! I'm exhausted!

Mint Polka Dot Top: LC|Lauren Conrad, Kohl's, $19.99 sale
Lace Denim Shorts: Walmart, $12.88
Gold Sparkly Flats: Walmart, $12.87

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My kitten Annabel kept me company during my bubble bath! She's the cutest!

Hope everyone had a good Monday!

September 10, 2013

Pink Shorts

I wore this outfit before Labor Day, so my white sandals were allowed! I know they say it's okay to still wear white after labor day, but I just can't do it! My mom and grandma taught me that tradition and I'll probably stick to it the rest of my life! Anyways, I wore this outfit to work! I love the bright necklace against the white to pop!

White Lace Top: Old Navy, clearance $4.99
Chunky Colored Necklace: Walmart, $9.88
Pink Shorts: Kohl's, $15.99
White Leather Sandals: NY&Co., sale $5
Watch: Walmart, $10.48
Pink/Gold Rings: Forever 21, Set of 3, (only wearing 2) $3.80

Yellow Lace

I have had this dress for almost a year now and finally wore it! I've always loved it, but when I purchased it on clearance at Forever 21, it was past season. I just couldn't pass it up though and knew I could wear it this year! I love the cut/style of this dress. It's girly and flirty and flattering which is always a plus! I paired it with gold sandals and some gold/coral earrings! Sunshine from head to toe and I loved it!

Yellow Lace Dress: Forever 21, clearance $13.99
Gold Sandals: Target $15
Coral/gold Earrings: Target, $7.99

September 03, 2013

Bright Blue Dress

I absolutely LOVE this dress. It's comfortable, flattering and it's the prettiest shade of blue! Then I added pink and gold accents. I wore this to work this past week and had my sister snap some photos for me! Also, just received my Stephanie Creekmur 2014 planner and was SO excited to start using it right away! (As you can see pictured below) It's an 18 month that started August 2013 and goes through to January 2015! It's so colorful, has floral & gingham prints and it is just the cutest thing! You can order one here. Promise you'll love it!

Blue Dress: Kohl's, $25 sale
Gold Sandals: Target, $15
Pink Clutch: Coach, $49
White Watch: Walmart, $10.48
Earrings: Forever 21, $4.80
Pink/gold Ring: Forever 21, part of a set, $3.80
Gold/diamond Ring: gift for my 16th birthday!
Planner: Stephanie Creekmur, $45
Nail Color: Sinful Colors, "Bikini"

Hope Everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! I have several other outfits to post so I hope to get them on here this week! <3