November 27, 2012

How Has Thanksgiving Already Past?

It's already been 21 days since my last post! So sorry, I actually haven't been on my computer since then! I took a road trip from San Antonio, made a stop in Memphis to visit Graceland, then stayed in Nashville for a week before my final destination in Ohio. I came up for Thanksgiving and for my niece's 1st birthday! I'm very thankful I was able to come home and have plenty of time to visit with everyone. Usually my trips are pretty short and I miss a lot of people. I really haven't taken any photos of any of my outfits since I've been visiting but will try to take some while I'm here! I am taking this picture from my sister's Instagram. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents house and these were the only pictures we took! My mom, sister and I love taking pictures but totally slacked this year! I think it had to do with my step-dad being stuck at home, he had surgery on Monday and couldn't come with us!

I've been so busy on my visit I'm exhausted! Tomorrow I am helping my mamma start decorating for Christmas. We used to do it all on the day after Thanksgiving and here we are almost a week later! I will be taking pictures once we are done because I do believe our house is the prettiest, coziest house at Christmastime. It's seriously adorable and you will soon see why! So happy & blessed I get to be home for the holidays!

November 06, 2012

Little Black Dress & Denim

I have an unhealthy addiction with Pinterest. I know I'm not alone but I am always pinning things that I want in my closet. Then I started realizing that I could recreate a lot of these looks that I have pinned and even saved to my computer! Hello to a more versatile closet! This has made me so excited and I decided I would start posting some of these Pinterest inspired looks. This is an easy one so I thought I'd start with it first. A simple black cotton dress, throw on a jean jacket and some booties and I've accomplished the look!

Denim Jacket: Old Navy, older $24.99
Black Dress: Walmart $9.88
Peep-toe Booties: Target $29.99
Rings: Black, Forever 21 $3.80, Sterling Silver, Kohl's $10
Earrings: Walmart, came in a set of 3 styles for $4.88
Necklaces: Locket style, Walmart $6.88. Long,, clearance $7.99
Flower Hair pin: Big Lots, $1
I really like this outfit. I would more than likely wear it for a girl's night out. Could also wear some flats to dress it down for a more casual occasion. My look is very similar but also totally my own! That's what's nice about having an inspiration photo! It's your foundation but then you build on it and add your own flare.

November 02, 2012

Turquoise Jeans & Matching Scarf

Hello all! How is it already November 2nd? Wow what a year 2012 has been! It's been full of ups & downs and has just flown by! The last week down here in Texas we had some awesome fall weather! It was actually cool and so nice. By far my favorite weather, but however the warm weather came back, which is nice but I miss having a true fall! So anyways, this is what I wore today. Colorful and casual, love it!

I look so different with my hair parted in the middle! But sometimes I just need a change from my usual side part and swoopy bangs!

Here's a close up of the earrings. I am obsessed with these!
Tank: Wet Seal $4 clearance
Scarf: Old Navy $3.49 clearance
Jeans: ROSS $15.99
Sandals: Target $15
Earrings: Forever 21 $4.80
Rings: Forever 21 Set of 8 $5.80
Watch: Walmart $10.88
Purse: Love Culture $39.80
Happy Friday everyone!!! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! And praying for everyone who is still dealing with the damages that Hurricane Sandy left behind!