November 06, 2012

Little Black Dress & Denim

I have an unhealthy addiction with Pinterest. I know I'm not alone but I am always pinning things that I want in my closet. Then I started realizing that I could recreate a lot of these looks that I have pinned and even saved to my computer! Hello to a more versatile closet! This has made me so excited and I decided I would start posting some of these Pinterest inspired looks. This is an easy one so I thought I'd start with it first. A simple black cotton dress, throw on a jean jacket and some booties and I've accomplished the look!

Denim Jacket: Old Navy, older $24.99
Black Dress: Walmart $9.88
Peep-toe Booties: Target $29.99
Rings: Black, Forever 21 $3.80, Sterling Silver, Kohl's $10
Earrings: Walmart, came in a set of 3 styles for $4.88
Necklaces: Locket style, Walmart $6.88. Long,, clearance $7.99
Flower Hair pin: Big Lots, $1
I really like this outfit. I would more than likely wear it for a girl's night out. Could also wear some flats to dress it down for a more casual occasion. My look is very similar but also totally my own! That's what's nice about having an inspiration photo! It's your foundation but then you build on it and add your own flare.


  1. I actually like your outfit better than the pinterest one! Cute! :)