March 20, 2014

Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces are all the buzz right now. You can literally pair them with anything and be put together. I have several statement necklaces but this is my newest piece. I adore it! Prettiest blush & mint mixed with rhinestone and gold. I wore this to one of my friend's CD release party downtown Nashville. I paired it with the most darling pink peplum top, champagne blazer, jeans and booties!

My hair looks very blonde here, it's just the lighting & filter used!

Here's my friend Ashley! Her newest album is awesome! Check her out on Facebook

Outfit Details:
Statement Necklace: Forever 21, $12.80
Pink Lace Peplum Top: Forever 21, $17.80
Champagne Blazer: LC|Lauren Conrad, Kohl's, gift
Camo Jacket: Old Navy, old

February 11, 2014

Dress With Textured Tights

Ever have those days where you just feel like dressing up? Well, I do sometimes! I have the luxury of working from home so that means there is a lot of comfy attire that happens. This day, I decided I was actually going to get dolled-up! I wore this dress previously on Thanksgiving, you can see how I styled it, here. This time, I decided to pair it with mostly gray accessories instead of black. I love these textured tights. They are almost like a sweater material, so even though they expose a little skin, they are still warm. When I had to run errands for work, I topped off my outfit with my houndstooth coat. The silk scarf you see tied onto my purse was one of the things I inherited from my Grandma Shirley. It's too short to wear around my neck and I don't wear them on my head, so I decided to add a big bow accent to my purse. This was perfect and I love that it's still neutral and goes with anything!

Houndstooth Coat: JCP, gift
Teal Dress: H&M, $12.95
Gray Cardigan: Target, $17.99
Gray Textured Tights: Walmart (I think they are the George brand)
Gray Boots: Target, $29.99, old
Black Purse: NY&Co., $25, sale
Jewelry: Target, Forever 21, Kohl's
Silk scarf: gift

February 08, 2014

Initial Sweater & Statement Necklace

Hey y'all! Initials & monograms seem to be taking over the fashion world. This is one trend I definitely jumped on! I scored this "C" sweater at Old Navy for only $9.99! I wished it was available in a different color combination but I still liked this one enough that it came home with me. I paired this with dark skinny jeans, herringbone ruffled flats and a statement necklace. I wore this out to dinner and shopping a couple Friday nights ago. It was a sister date night! We ate at Olive Garden and then went to Home Goods and Target, two of our favorite stores!

Added a hot pink lip to go with my neon initial sweater! Love adding brights together!

"C" Sweater: Old Navy, $9.99, clearance
Dark Skinnies: ROSS, old
Herringbone Ruffled Flats: Target, $12.99, old
Statement Necklace: NY&C0., old

February 06, 2014

At Home Gel Manicures

Hi loves! So, my sister and I love getting gel manicures. We have many reasons why we love them! A few are that they last way longer than your typical manicure, they are very shiny, help grow out your nails and they are dry within seconds! However, they have gone up in price at the salons just within the last year. We decided to try out the Sally Hansen At-Home version. Just under $50 at Walmart! The kit came with a neutral, light pink color called "Shall We Dance". I also bought a bright red to try called "Red My Lips". Both colors are gorgeous! Also, they lasted just as long as when we got them done at the salon! So this baby is awesome and I can't wait to get more colors! Here's a couple pictures of my two at-home gel mani's!

Sally Hansen Gel Color "Shall We Dance". I was also wishing on Spring in a coral top from Old Navy & a floral scarf from Target.

Sally Hansen Gel Color "Red My Lips".

These pictures are both from my Instagram: Follow me @ corkyree :)

Have any of you tried an at-home gel manicure kit? If so, which brand have you used and do you recommend them? What are your favorite colors?

February 05, 2014

Another Year Older...

Hey y'all! It's already almost been a month since I posted last, oops! I thought I would be better at posting, but I've been pretty busy lately so blogging has had to take the back seat for the last few weeks. Anyways, I turned 26 on January 22. I was actually very depressed and not thrilled about this years birthday, but my family and friends made it wonderful and I didn't feel any different. Age is just a number, right? ;) My actual birthday was on a Wednesday, so I had work, but it was the best work day EVER! We started out with donuts and flavored coffee from Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast and Ali, my co-worker got me a card and flowers! We also went out for lunch at Dairy Queen! I know that doesn't seem like much but I love the chicken strip basket from there! For dinner, since my mama couldn't be here, my Aunt Christie made me lasagna and my uncle made me some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for my dessert! They also got me two flower arrangements and money! My sister had gotten me a ticket to the Nashville Predators game the Monday before my birthday and also a monogrammed sweatshirt, that is oh so cute (I have a post for it coming soon!). My dad took me and my sisters out to dinner on Thursday to Cracker Barrel and then that night one of my best friends, Marcie, from San Antonio flew in for the weekend to celebrate my birthday! We had so much fun, as we always do! Her visit this time was shorter than usual but it was a spontaneous trip, but well worth it! Then this past weekend, my mama and grandma came down to visit. I'm very blessed with the family and friends God has placed in my life. I wouldn't trade it for anything! Here's a few pictures of it all!

At the Predators game!

The flowers Ali gave me!

Steph & I, front camera awesomeness... not!

Posing with my flowers!

Pink roses are so gorgeous!

This balloon hits me spot on! I do love to shop!

My sweet Aunt Christie! Love this woman! Again, front camera :\

My baby boy<3

Downtown birthday celebration!

My sweet mama!<3

White lace top: H&M, $17.95
Black/White Polka Dot Dress: H&M, $12.95
Navy Lace Top: LC|Lauren Conrad, Kohl's, gift

How is it February? This year is going by too fast already!

January 08, 2014

A Little Peek at NYE & Chambray + Bling

Hello! So, is it just me or has this first week of 2014 just flown by? I can't believe it is already the 8th! And I will admit, today was the first day I wore any makeup at all! (& it was very minimal) Like, what? Who am I and where did Courtney go? I love makeup, a lot! I know it's good to take a break every now and then but that's a crazy long break for me! Anyways, I didn't take any outfit pictures on NYE but I will share some photos of my night and you can at least see the top I wore! It's gorgeous! Also, I am back to being a BRUNETTE!!!!!! Can I get a hallelujah? Or an amen? :) Being a redhead was fun while it lasted, but because it wasn't what I wanted, I couldn't wait to get rid of it! So, I'm thankful that this time around, it turned out how I wanted. Also, I'm going to share my outfit that I wore on New Year's Day, out to dinner with my family before my sister and I headed back to Nashville. I know that might be cramming it, but I need to be caught up on here and this is my last outfit I have pictures of! So, here we go!

NYE was so much fun. Just a simple night but spent with my faves! My top was the prettiest blush pink (my new favorite color, if you can't tell!). It had pearls and rhinestones on the collar which might be hard to see in the photos. The top is from Kohl's, Candies $16.99. Also, I wore gold sparkly shoes- which got cut off thanks to a male friend taking the photo! They don't get what we mean when we say "full-body". 

A mirror selfie, just to show my jacket & purse!

Oh, this woman<3

Chambray: Burlington Coat Factory, old
Gray/Black Striped Skirt: Forever 21, only $6.80
Black Boots: Target, clearance/old
Sparkly Necklace: BaubleBar, gift

Well, the start to 2014 has been a good one. Laid back and busy at the same time. I also cannot believe I turn 26 in 2 WEEKS! Ahhhh! I just looked at the calendar and realized my birthday is exactly 2 weeks away! I love birthdays, but I've not been very welcoming of this one. I think it's because I will officially be on the other side of my twenties, closer to 30! Sometimes, I feel like I'm still 16 and wonder how I got here! :)

Hope y'all are having a wonderful start to 2014!<3

January 05, 2014

Red Skinnies & Black Boots

Hey y'all! So the day after Christmas, is just as crazy as the last few days before Christmas. People are out returning things and spending gift cards/money they got for Christmas. Stores do have awesome sales going on, trying to get rid of inventory by the end of the year because their Spring items will be in stores very soon. I went shopping with my best friend Marissa. After shopping we had dinner & drinks at TGI Friday's and had the best time! We giggled like we were back in high school. :) Laughter really is the best medicine! After that, we headed back to our town and went to one of the local bars and got to hang out with so many of our friends. Once the bar closed, we headed to a friends house to play card games and just hang out. So much fun, I'm truly blessed to still be close with my friends I grew up with! Anyways, here's my outfit from that day!

Black Jacket: A'Gaci
Cream Sweater: Old Navy
Floral Scarf: Walmart
Red Skinnies: Walmart
Black Boots: Target
Black Purse: NY&Co.
Gold Watch: Target
Little Gold Heart Necklace: Kohl's, LC|Lauren Conrad

My mamma's front porch was just the cutest! Our home was featured in our town's Christmas Historical Home Tour this year. (Our house is over 100 years old) So I had to get pictures taken on it at least once!

Do you guys do any shopping and/or returning the day after Christmas?