August 01, 2014

Sweet Germantown

Hey y'all! So last Thursday, my friend Marcie from Texas, flew into Nashville. On Friday, her, myself & my sister headed up to Ohio for the weekend. She had a bridal shower and it was my best friend's birthday as well. Also, Marcie hadn't met my mom yet so they finally got to meet and she got to see where I grew up! We got in Friday night and hung out with my mom & step-dad for a couple hours. Then I took Marcie downtown to our little Mexican restaurant that we like to call Mexico. We indulged in yummy pineapple/strawberry margaritas, cheese dip and burritos! After dinner we went up to one of my friend's houses for a small bonfire. Perfect small town summer night! Then on Saturday, we walked downtown and had brunch at the local diner, KJ's. We then went to The Pine Peddler, a new primitive/antique store in town. I bought an old cookbook from 1967 for only $7! It even had old handwritten notes and recipes in it which to me, are priceless! We did a little walking through town to show Marcie different things and then we went to Kmart! There aren't any Kmart's in San Antonio anymore, so when she is in town, we always make a stop! Then we went to the cemetary so I could visit Jamie. I hasn't been there since Christmastime so it was long overdue for a chat with my bestie/guardian angel. Then we had dinner plans for Marissa's 25th birthday! We went to Chappy's then to our local bar, Laff's. Got to see several friends so it was a good night. Sunday, we spent the afternoon at my grandparents for lunch & listened to my grandma tell stories (one of my favorite things). Here's some pictures of my trip!
Pineapple Strawberry Margarita! Delish!
 My bestie!
Marissa, Me, Marcie at the bonfire!

One of my favorite things to do!
Being a tourist & showing Marcie around Germantown!

I love my Mamma!

Front porch hangs with Dixie Mae & Rascal Bob

Marcie, Marissa & I before dinner

The girls after dinner at Chappy's

My BFF Stephen!

Marcie experiencing Laff's for the first time!

Happy birthday Marissa Kae! My bestie for the restie! :)

Outside my house before heading to Grandma's!
Lots of photos but I didn't even post all of them! Happy Friday Y'all! & Happy August!


  1. It looks like you had a blast! I used to live in Marietta, OH. I try to go back there as often as I can!

  2. I did! Ohio will always hold a special place and will always be home!