November 27, 2012

How Has Thanksgiving Already Past?

It's already been 21 days since my last post! So sorry, I actually haven't been on my computer since then! I took a road trip from San Antonio, made a stop in Memphis to visit Graceland, then stayed in Nashville for a week before my final destination in Ohio. I came up for Thanksgiving and for my niece's 1st birthday! I'm very thankful I was able to come home and have plenty of time to visit with everyone. Usually my trips are pretty short and I miss a lot of people. I really haven't taken any photos of any of my outfits since I've been visiting but will try to take some while I'm here! I am taking this picture from my sister's Instagram. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents house and these were the only pictures we took! My mom, sister and I love taking pictures but totally slacked this year! I think it had to do with my step-dad being stuck at home, he had surgery on Monday and couldn't come with us!

I've been so busy on my visit I'm exhausted! Tomorrow I am helping my mamma start decorating for Christmas. We used to do it all on the day after Thanksgiving and here we are almost a week later! I will be taking pictures once we are done because I do believe our house is the prettiest, coziest house at Christmastime. It's seriously adorable and you will soon see why! So happy & blessed I get to be home for the holidays!

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