September 16, 2013

Mint Polka Dots, Lace Trimmed Denim & Gold Sparkles

Hey Y'all! I have been so busy the last few weeks I keep forgetting to take outfit pictures! Today I snapped a couple on my phone because I am obsessed with each of these individually, so of course I love them when they are all together! I wore this to work today. I'm lucky I have a job where I can wear pretty much whatever I want! :) Today was an odd day so I took a bubble bath, had some sweet red wine to relax and now I'm laying in bed while I'm posting this. I'm going to be calling it early tonight! I'm exhausted!

Mint Polka Dot Top: LC|Lauren Conrad, Kohl's, $19.99 sale
Lace Denim Shorts: Walmart, $12.88
Gold Sparkly Flats: Walmart, $12.87

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My kitten Annabel kept me company during my bubble bath! She's the cutest!

Hope everyone had a good Monday!

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