January 30, 2013

Floral, Ruffles, Boots... In January?

Why yes!!! When it's almost 80 degrees in Texas, anything goes! It was so nice during my visit to Texas and since it's been so cold in Ohio I just had to wear a pretty dress with some boots! I have worn this dress several times, but I change it up every time to make it feel new. This outfit was the last time I will be wearing these boots, which makes me very sad. :( The material started peeling and after this time, I just couldn't get myself to wear them again so I got rid of them. Boo! I had them for about 5 years though so they've been through a lot. I got them on sale at Wet Seal so I definitely got my moneys worth! Anyways, I wore this outfit out birthday shopping and to dinner: ULTA & Olive Garden, perfect<3

Photo via Instagram: Follow me at corkyree

Dress: Walmart, $9.88
Cardigan: Target, sale $11.88
Belt: Body Central, $6.90

Boots: Wet Seal, about $30, old- so I don't remember exact cost
Boo for them starting to fall apart :(

I have been wanting this pallet for forever! So happy to finally get it. This was a birthday present from Mark! I absolutely fell in love with this eye shadow the first time I used it. I couldn't believe how pigmented they all were! I very highly recommend the NAKED pallet. You won't be disappointed, totally worth the money!

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