January 29, 2013

Green Denim, Stripes & Leopard Print

On Saturday, I went out to eat with my parents, grandparents and one of my aunts to celebrate my 25th birthday with them! We ate at Chili's... I normally love that place but this time was not such a good experience. I mean it happens, I've worked in food so I know sometimes they have an off night but it was nice just being with my family anyways. I snapped a couple quick photos in the car on our way there from my phone. I loved my outfit and just wanted to share!

Thought this was such a fun photo! I have an obsession with the sun and sky!

Green Jeans: Kohl's, sale $9.99
Striped Tee (long sleeved): ROSS, $6.99
Leopard Scarf: Hobby Lobby, used 40% coupon, $4
Leather Jacket: A'Gaci, $18.99

I wore my new tan boots but didn't get a full body shot.. I wish I had more pictures. I didn't even get any pictures with my family... What is wrong with me? Ah! :\ Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and an awesome week! I still have outfits to post from my trip. They are coming, I promise! :)

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