January 25, 2013

Black, Iridescent Sequins, & Turquoise

Hello all! I'm back in Ohio after being in Texas a week. Had gorgeous 70 degree weather while I was there and then I come back to freezing, snowy weather. To be honest it really bummed me out! However I wore some brightly colored things while I was down there that helped get me out of my winter blues! Here's one that I wore when we were out and about. Went to a few stores and to dinner! I had just gotten this sparkly tank an had no idea it would really bring out the blues when I wore it with my turquoise jeans! I can't wait to pair this tank with other items too, and the best part is, I got it for a steal!

Cardigan: Target, $17.99
Sequined Tank: Charlotte Russe, sale $5
Turquoise Jeans: ROSS, $15.99
Herringbone Ruffled Shoes: Target, $12.99

I have a few more outfits that I will post in the next few days. All these were taken on my phone because of course I forgot my camera, humph! So I apologize for the not so great quality. But stay tuned for more outfits from my trip to Texas! :)

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