January 05, 2014

Red Skinnies & Black Boots

Hey y'all! So the day after Christmas, is just as crazy as the last few days before Christmas. People are out returning things and spending gift cards/money they got for Christmas. Stores do have awesome sales going on, trying to get rid of inventory by the end of the year because their Spring items will be in stores very soon. I went shopping with my best friend Marissa. After shopping we had dinner & drinks at TGI Friday's and had the best time! We giggled like we were back in high school. :) Laughter really is the best medicine! After that, we headed back to our town and went to one of the local bars and got to hang out with so many of our friends. Once the bar closed, we headed to a friends house to play card games and just hang out. So much fun, I'm truly blessed to still be close with my friends I grew up with! Anyways, here's my outfit from that day!

Black Jacket: A'Gaci
Cream Sweater: Old Navy
Floral Scarf: Walmart
Red Skinnies: Walmart
Black Boots: Target
Black Purse: NY&Co.
Gold Watch: Target
Little Gold Heart Necklace: Kohl's, LC|Lauren Conrad

My mamma's front porch was just the cutest! Our home was featured in our town's Christmas Historical Home Tour this year. (Our house is over 100 years old) So I had to get pictures taken on it at least once!

Do you guys do any shopping and/or returning the day after Christmas?

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