July 17, 2014

Derby Inspired... Yes, I'm a Bit Late

So, I know the Derby was 2 months ago, but this is one of my favorite pool looks so I'm posting it even if it is 2 months later. We were spending time with family poolside during the Derby so I decided to wear my floppy hat with an easy dress and swim suit! My pup, (he's actually an old man at 8 years old) Rascal, had to photobomb because he always has to be close to me! Thanks to my sister, Steph who is always being my photographer- love you sis!

Floppy Hat: Walmart, last year
Polka Dot Dress: Forever 21, $15.80 (old)
Red Sunnies: Old Navy, $5 sale
Flip Flops: Forever 21, borrowed
I post outfits almost daily on my Instagram that I don't get to blog. It's easier to just upload a quick pic & caption there! If you want to follow along there, just search for @corkyree
Happy Thursday y'all, it's almost the weekend! xO!

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