February 06, 2014

At Home Gel Manicures

Hi loves! So, my sister and I love getting gel manicures. We have many reasons why we love them! A few are that they last way longer than your typical manicure, they are very shiny, help grow out your nails and they are dry within seconds! However, they have gone up in price at the salons just within the last year. We decided to try out the Sally Hansen At-Home version. Just under $50 at Walmart! The kit came with a neutral, light pink color called "Shall We Dance". I also bought a bright red to try called "Red My Lips". Both colors are gorgeous! Also, they lasted just as long as when we got them done at the salon! So this baby is awesome and I can't wait to get more colors! Here's a couple pictures of my two at-home gel mani's!

Sally Hansen Gel Color "Shall We Dance". I was also wishing on Spring in a coral top from Old Navy & a floral scarf from Target.

Sally Hansen Gel Color "Red My Lips".

These pictures are both from my Instagram: Follow me @ corkyree :)

Have any of you tried an at-home gel manicure kit? If so, which brand have you used and do you recommend them? What are your favorite colors?


  1. That is awesome! I may have to try that! :)

  2. Love our at home gel manicures! Can't wait to get more colors! :)