December 12, 2012

Wish List Follow-Up

I listed 4 items at the end of October that I had been looking for. (My Fall Wish List- if you want to look at the items.) I ended up getting the rhinestone dress and then I did find a red button-up finally. I have been on the hunt for tall light brown boots like those from Walmart. I know they were only $31 but they were online only and I really wanted to try them on before I bought. So I'm still looking. I also found green jeans at Walmart on sale for $11! I held off on buying them though because I have red and don't wear them very often and figured I would wear the green less. Next time I go, if they still have them I'll grab them, but I can do without! Here's just a few pics of the dress & shirt I did get though! I love them both and I'm really happy with them!

Rhinestone Bodycon Dress: Forever 21, $24.80

Red Collarless Button-Up: Old Navy, sale $15
It is 100% Polyester but has a soft, almost velvety silk-like texture, it's awesome!
It has a 3/4 sleeve if anyone was wondering!

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