December 30, 2013

Two Pretty Manicures

Hi y'all! I wanted to share a couple more manicures of mine. The first one is one I did myself at home and the second is a gel manicure I got done at a salon. I know I've already told y'all before, but I have a nail polish addiction! I hate when my nails aren't painted! I wanted something festive but not exactly Christmas since it was still a couple weeks out from Christmas, so mint and gold glitter it was! One of my favorite nail looks is the confetti manicure! When it got closer to Christmas, I of course had to do red sparkly nails! Thanks to my awesome boss (and sister), she scheduled us to get our nails done as one of our employee Christmas gifts! How awesome is that? Well, here's the two looks!

Top manicure: "I need a refresh-mint", Wet n' Wild
"Gold's Night Out" OPI by Selena Gomez

Bottom manicure: I forgot to get the names of these! It's two separate red gel polishes. She used a metallic red for the 2 base coats and then topped them off with a sparkly top coat. When I was trying to pick a color, she suggested I go for this, she called the look "Dorothy's Ruby Slippers", which I totally agree! 

It's been on almost 2 weeks and no chips yet! I love getting gel manicures because they last so much longer! I really wanted to get them redone for New Years but they still look good so I'll probably keep them for a little while more.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family & friends! I have several outfit posts coming! I didn't want to cram them all into the same post so they'll be posted separately. Thanks for reading! :)

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