March 07, 2012

Bright Jeans

Okay, so colored jeans are everywhere! I wouldn't mind having a pair in every color! Hehe :) From pastels to neons, there is a color for everyone. I had been on the hunt for some red skinny jeans and found them at many stores and even tried several on. Red is one of my favorite colors but for some reason, there was something that wasn't clicking with me. I decided to go to ROSS which is a discount store where I always find awesome deals. They had a cute, fun, turquoise blue skinny pair so I decided I would just try them, it couldn't hurt. Well I loved them! I scooped them up for only $15.99! When I got them home I just had to try them on with different things to make sure I would wear them! Here's 3 different looks I tried: easy casual, color-blocking and simply pretty.

1 comment:

  1. These look so good on you! I love all of the looks! :) My fave is with the yellow!