March 20, 2012

$50 Outfit

Here's an outfit from a few weeks ago! I meant to post it earlier but I've been busy getting ready for a visit from a friend! She is coming in from Ohio this upcoming weekend! Even if I'm just going to go run some errands, that doesn't mean I can't look cute doing it, right? For me, this look is just as easy to through on as sweats. I am a big time bargain shopper as well. I would love love love if I could afford all designer labels. Since that is not an option, I like being able to have more clothes than just a few, but that's just me! It's all about knowing how to put your pieces together and people will think you look fabulous regardless the price tag.

Sweater: Target, clearance for $6.48! Tank top: Old Navy, clearance I think only for $2.49! Jeans: ROSS $13.99, Shoes: Payless $16.99, Watch: Walmart $10.48 Necklace: made by my sister :)

This whole outfit for $50.43! And the good news, I can wear all these pieces with other items I own!

1 comment:

  1. Very chic yet casual! My kind of outfit! & the necklace looks great with that sweater!