December 03, 2013

Pretty Preppy

Hi y'all!

I totally forgot to post this outfit. It's actually from a month ago! Oops! This was when my hair was dark red! It was fun while it lasted. I wore this to a baby shower and then over to my dad's to celebrate his birthday. I love anything black & white, so this shirt is one of my favorites. I love how preppy it looks under this pink sweater and with pearls.

Pink Sweater: Old Navy
Black & White Button-up: JCPenny
Jeans: LC | Lauren Conrad, Kohl's
Herringbone Flats: Target
Black Purse: Target

1 comment:

  1. I did not know you had a blog!!! Why wouldn't I know this??? You are so cute and adorable and this is a perfect place for you to put a picture of all those fabulous outfits you wear! Love you and keep up the blogging!!!!