April 30, 2013

Stripes, Salmon Jeans & Hair Extensions

Hey Y'all! I know its been about a month since I last posted. I haven't taken many pictures of my outfits lately. I have plenty of my friends & I but none of just me so I haven't been able to post! However I did take some pictures this past weekend. Here's another outfit with my salmon jeans. I was worried I wouldn't wear them much but I only paid about $16 for them and have already worn them twice in the month that I've had them so I think I already got my moneys worth out of them! I hope to be able to come up with more ways to wear them because I think they're fun! I also decided to get some hair extensions. I have been trying to grow my hair out but my hair grows so slow, its ridiculous. The kind I bought is one large piece so it adds lots of body & volume which I need and I've never gotten so many compliments on my hair before! I just wish it was actually my real hair! But people I don't know can't tell it's fake so I'm keeping them!

Striped shirt: ROSS $6.99
Salmon Jeans: Walmart $16.44
Black Flats: Target $12.99
Black & Gold Cross Bracelet: Flea Market $8.99
Aviators: Walmart $5
Hair Extensions: hairdo by HAIRUWEAR, at ULTA $99

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