February 01, 2013

Blue & White Chevron

This outfit was from a little bit ago and it never got posted! I was looking through my pictures on my computer and came across it! So I thought I'd share because I just love this scarf! I mean how cute is it?! It's not really an infinity scarf but I made it look like one! It is just a regular scarf with no fringe so I just tied the ends together and wrapped it around! I love wearing scarves in different way to change it up. Very easy but can make a big difference in your final look! And it's the weekend! Woo hoo! I actually went to dinner with two of my girlfriends tonight so I got started a day early but have so many fun things planned. I did absolutely nothing last weekend so I am really looking forward to this one! Hope everyone has a good one!!!

White long-sleeve tee: Walmart, $7.54
Chevron scarf: Walmart, $5
Cap-toe flats: Target, clearance $6.48
White watch: Walmart, $10.48
Silver Heart Charm Bracelet: Gift from Things Remembered
Earrings: Walmart, came with matching necklace not pictured $6.88

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