October 04, 2012

A Southern Fall

This is my second fall here in Texas and let me just say I actually miss Ohio!!! Fall is my favorite season and Ohio is beautiful in the fall! Down here in the Lone Star state it's still hot. High 80s-Low 90s isn't my idea of fall weather but that's the temperatures that we are having right now. Humph! Okay my rant about it is over! Hehe, anyways here's two outfits I have put together that I will be wearing this fall! I'm such a girly girl, I can't help but love wearing dresses & skirts! And disregard the mess in the background! Ah, the boyfriend likes to leave his stuff laying around and I wasn't paying attention to it, sorry!

Dress: Wet Seal, Clearance for $18.99
Belt: Steve Madden, came in a set for $9.99
Flats: Target Clearance for $7.48

Below is a close up of the skirt, you can see the little specks of turquoise.

Cardigan: Target $14.99
Shirt: Kohl's $7.99
Skirt & Boots: Wet Seal, Skirt $6 on clearance Boots $25
Necklace: Kohl's $10 sale


  1. Oh my goodness! I just found your blog and I am glad I did! I too was from Ohio! I am from Marietta. My husband & I moved to The Woodlands. (Outside of Houston) We lived there for a while and now we just moved to PA :( I miss Texas already!


    Hope you can check out my blog sometime & follow each other :)

  2. Awe that's awesome! I have heard of Marietta, I was from Germantown! Thanks for following & I'll be sure to check yours out! :)